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We work passionately to create tailor-made financing solutions for our customers. Be inspired by the following success stories and see for yourself the added value that a factoring solution will offer.

We opted for A.B.S. factoring because we were very quickly provided with a viable financing solution. The A.B.S. Factoring AG team worked together with our principal bank and lenders to create a solution that was tailored to our...
Mechanik AG
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The high seasonal fluctuations in the winter sports business force us to be precise in planning liquidity flows. A.B.S. factoring is the ideal solution for us with regard to overcoming this challenge and financing further growth.
Schneesport AG
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Thanks to A.B.S. Factoring, we receive our outstanding accounts receivable immediately and thus remain liquid at all times. Additional, the assumption of accounts receivable management frees up resources for us, as we no longer have to run after...
Ibrahim Ben
Managing Director Bensan AG
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