Fast liquidity for your goods purchase? Can you use cash discount effects as an immediate payer?
Try our purchase financing quickpaid!

Competitive advantages through fast purchase financing

With quickpaid, there is no need for a lengthy application procedure to finance purchases. Financing applications are processed by digital means only via our online portal. You set the date for the repayment of purchase financing, irrespective of the payment terms on the supplier invoice. We offer you a choice of 60, 90 or 120 days. quickpaid can be used alongside or as an alternative to existing factoring solutions or bank loans.
Immediate settlement of supplier invoices means there is no need to consider payment deadlines. This strengthens your negotiating position with suppliers when discussing discounts or bonuses. Moreover, your company’s goods purchases no longer depend on the payment performance of debtors. As a result, new orders can be realised at any time.

I love Quickpaid. SME can use our online purchase financing tool to obtain financing for their purchases. It is entirely digital and doesn’t have a lengthy application process.

Artan Mila
Country Manager quickpaid

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quickpaid: flexible purchase financing in 9 steps

  1. Registration and identification via the quickpaid online portal
  2. After a creditworthiness check, A.B.S. Factoring AG confirms your financing framework.
  3. You procure goods from your supplier, who sends you an invoice.
  4. Correct and complete invoices are submitted to A.B.S. Factoring AG in PDF or photo format via the online portal.
  5. A.B.S. Factoring AG contacts the supplier and offers the immediate payment of the outstanding amount.
  6. As soon as the supplier signs a declaration of assignment and agrees to the assignment of the receivable, the invoice will be settled. For you as a customer, these steps take place in the background. The administrative burden is borne by A.B.S. Factoring AG.
  7. Any discounts linked to fast payment are passed straight on to you, and may cover part of the financing costs.
  8. Whatever the original payment term on the supplier invoice, A.B.S. Factoring AG grants you a repayment term of 60, 90 or 120 days.
  9. Within your financing framework, you can finance further purchases according to individual need without any obstacles. This means you stay solvent in spite of seasonal fluctuations, regardless of your own payment receipts.

Your advantages with quickpaid purchase financing

With fast purchase financing from A.B.S. Factoring AG, you enjoy many advantages:

Greater liquidity

  • Advance of 100% of purchase amounts. Your company’s goods purchases and liquidity are independent of your own payment receipts.
  • Simplified liquidity planning through flexible purchase financing, with no minimum charge.
  • Your funding line with the bank is eased.
  • Improved buying conditions are facilitated through the negotiation of price discounts (such as rebates and bonuses) with suppliers.
  • The quickpaid credit limit can be increased at short notice, subject to sufficient creditworthiness. This gives you greater flexibility to cope with the even the biggest seasonal peaks.

Simple and fully digital

  • Processing is fully digital and paperless. Initial registration and submissions of invoices are carried out online. New invoices can be submitted via the portal, in either PDF or photo format.
  • Maximum flexibility. There are no usage obligations within your financing framework; you are free to decide the extent of your purchase financing.
  • You also determine the duration of payment terms by choosing between 60, 90 or 120 days. In the 120 days option, repayment is made in three instalments rather than a single amount.
  • No securities or sureties are required for quickpaid purchase financing.

Flexible supply of liquidity

  • Sufficient liquidity, even during exceptional seasonal and project peaks.
  • Purchase financing can remedy liquidity bottlenecks along the value chain.
  • Raw materials and base products can be procured in sufficient quantities to process large-scale orders at any time.
  • Sufficient liquidity means that spontaneous opportunities such as low commodity prices and anticyclical purchase patterns can be utilised.

Beneficial to supplier relations

  • By settling your purchases instantly, you enjoy strengthened relationships with suppliers, who benefit from fast liquidity and zero risk of non-payment at no additional cost.
  • Capital commitment to suppliers is also improved.

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