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Full-service factoring: Intelligent financing with multiple benefits

In full-service factoring, a factoring supplier buys monetary receivables arising between the factoring customer and their business partner in connection with deliveries of goods and services. A.B.S. Factoring AG pays the equivalent value of the outstanding receivables to the client within 24 hours. In this way we grant your company instant liquidity amounting up to 90 percent of the invoiced amounts. After the payment of the outstanding invoiced amount by the relevant business partner, the remaining blocked balance is transferred to you taking account of discounts, deductions and returns.
As part of full-service factoring, A.B.S. also covers bad debt losses. Where a business partner is unable to pay, the resulting bad debt is covered by A.B.S. Factoring AG. We also undertake debtor management for invoices signed over to us; this involves the prior credit check of debtors, dunning and, where necessary, debt collection. Easing the pressure on internal administration and accounting divisions in this way frees up resources that can be directed to the main business of the company.

Our customers appreciate our unbureaucratic way of working and our slim internal structures. We work passionately as a competent team to create tailor-made financing solutions for our customers.

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Full-service factoring from A.B.S. gives you:

  • Instant liquidity: within 24 hours of invoice submission
  • Comprehensive coverage against bad debt losses
  • Professional debtor management, including prior credit checks
  • Efficient dunning process and debt collection (by agreement)
  • A customised and precise financing solution designed to optimise working capital

The advantages of A.B.S. full-service factoring

Full-service factoring from A.B.S. offers companies an individual route to greater financial liquidity, security and flexibility. Thanks to the immediate payment of up to 90 percent of invoiced amounts, our customers are able to plan their own payment obligations better while taking advantage of discounts and rebates on the purchasing side. The fast settlement of own liabilities leads to balance sheet contraction, which in turn improves a company’s equity ratio.
By assuming a del credere position, i.e. liability for defaults, A.B.S. full-service factoring sustainably reduces risks for SME. New expansion possibilities at home and abroad can be exploited without significant risk. The outsourcing of debtor management reduces the administrative burden on accounting and creates internal resources that can be directed to core tasks and the future development of the company. Up-to-date documentation and regular evaluations via the online portal are accessible at any time in order to keep customers abreast of developments.



Take maximum advantage of our full service and benefit from fast liquidity, comprehensive protection against bad debt losses and the outsourcing of receivable management.
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What preconditions must be met
to take advantage of full-service factoring?

Customers that make use of full-service factoring from A.B.S. are Swiss SME or their subsidiaries abroad and are primarily active in the B2B area with a need for additional liquidity. For collaboration, the following criteria must be met:

  • The invoiced service has been rendered in full at the time of invoicing
  • Turnover between CHF 500,000 and approximately CHF 50 million
  • Low concentration of debtors and low dependence on specific buyers
  • Maximum payment periods of 120 days

Open full-service factoring

A.B.S. exclusively offers full-service factoring in an open procedure, which means the debtors of our clients are informed of the assignment of receivables and the implementation of a factoring solution.
Our customers continue to write and issue invoices as before; they also remain the first point of contact for questions or product defects. On the other hand, in open full-service factoring questions on invoices or the dunning process are handled by our employees. The maturity profile of debtors can be viewed via our online customer portal at any time. Thus our customers see who will receive reminders seven days in advance; they can also request to postpone dunning if desired. Debt collection proceedings are only initiated with the written agreement of the customer.

What does full-service factoring cost?

Our cost structure is transparent and easily understandable. The costs of A.B.S. full-service factoring are determined by the following two factors:

    • Factoring fees, for the assumption of default risk and receivables management by A.B.S. Factoring AG
    • Interest on the advance of receivables (comparable to interest on current account at a bank). The rate is applied on a daily basis to the financing actually claimed.

The fees – resp. the amount of interest is calculated according to the turnover, the debtor structure and the company’s creditworthiness.
For many companies, the costs of factoring is recovered as the additional liquidity gained enables them to take advantage of supplier discounts and improved purchasing conditions.
As an independent provider of financial services, we analyse the financial situation of interested parties individually and offer solutions customised to their specific need.

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