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Gain a competitive advantage with professional receivables management

For many SME, dunning can be a challenge. To ensure liquidity and financial resources, outstanding accounts need to be collected as quickly as possible – without affecting customer relationships. Professional receivables management, including dunning, can be critical to the long-term success of any business. In many cases, however, companies lack the necessary resources and accounting know-how to do this consistently.

Our assumption of the receivables management significantly relieves the strain on our clients in terms of accounting and dunning. Professionalisation of receivables management also leads to customers having better payment behaviours.

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Outsourcing receivables management

In these instances, it makes sense to use the services of a receivables management specialist like A.B.S. Factoring AG. As the biggest independent factoring supplier in Switzerland, we have years of experience, with around 100 companies currently making use of our all-inclusive service. Specifically, we regularly review the creditworthiness of our customers’ debtors, ensure consistent dunning procedures and manage accounts receivable in full. Where it cannot be avoided, we also initiate debt collection (with the agreement of the customer). Our clients also benefit from the option of safeguarding their receivables against non-payment, thereby minimising the risk of del credere. Outsourcing and the professionalisation of receivables management ease the burden of administrative and accounting-related tasks, enabling internal resources to be diverted to core activities and corporate development.

Flexible financing function for greater liquidity and financial independence

Alongside the outsourcing of receivables management and comprehensive coverage against bad debt losses, most customers who choose A.B.S. full-service factoring take advantage of the advance financing of receivables linked to completed services within 24 hours. This makes companies independent of the payment practices of their debtors and enables them to plan liquidity according to need.

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We undertake debtor management, you stay in control

As soon as a company submits their invoice details to us, we take responsibility for monitoring incoming payments as well as dunning and the settlement and booking of accounts receivable. Customers stay informed of all activities via the online portal, which gives them a real-time overview of the maturity profile of their debtors; they can see which debtors will receive reminders seven days in advance. Where a customer is still in dialogue with the debtor, they may ask us to postpone dunning.
Where no payment is forthcoming despite the issue of three reminders, our experts will attempt to reach agreement with the debtor by means of an clarifying telephone call or letter. Only when these measures fail to produce a result do we open recovery proceedings after consulting and securing the approval of our client.

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Eight decisive reasons to professionalise your receivables management

  1. Your dunning process becomes more efficient and professional.
  2. You benefit from a customised solution that meets your specific goals.
  3. Without the need to manage accounts receivable, you save time and money.
  4. Our online portal allows you to track our internal processes, and you can intervene as necessary at any time.
  5. By freeing yourself from the frequently onerous burden of dunning, your customer relationships get strengthened.
  6. The option of advancing your receivables gives you added financial independence from the payment practices of your debtors.
  7. You benefit from our wealth of experience and specialist expertise.
  8. Your debtors improve their payment practices.

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The advantages of receivables management from A.B.S.

When A.B.S. Factoring AG takes over debtor handling, you are released from all receivables management tasks – yet you are kept informed and hold the reins at all times. We do the tiresome paperwork for you.

A.B.S. Factoring AG is the biggest independent factoring supplier in Switzerland. We have been established on the market since 2003. Over that time we have evolved from the spin-off of a cantonal bank into a leading independent provider of financial services. Thanks to a Europe-wide network of affiliated companies, we possess professional structures, sophisticated processes and extensive experience of receivables management.

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