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The growth lever for small enterprises with an annual turnover of up to CHF 1 million

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Have you ever asked yourself how to set your newly-founded company on a path to growth? Small and young companies, in particular, are often unpleasantly surprised when they look for financing. Although there are many options, they are often only available to companies with a certain minimum turnover.  

quickfactoring from A.B.S. is a fast and simple financing solution for small companies with an annual turnover of between CHF 300,000 and CHF 1 million. It is based on the sale of outstanding trade receivables. Because experience shows: sufficient liquidity is one of the most important aspects for entrepreneurial success. quickfactoring from A.B.S. does not only provide you with immediate liquidity within 24 hours. You also receive professional support in receivables management based on established processes and our many years of experience in a full service package. Extra peace of mind: in a worst-case scenario, your invoices are protected against loss of receivables.

Financing for small companies: quick factoring is straightforward:

  • You issue your invoices as usual.
  • You submit your invoices electronically through our customer portal.
  • The money is paid out within 24 hours into your bank account.

Five good reasons to choose quickfactoring from A.B.S.


  • financing of receivables up to 100% is possible, without furnishing collateral
  • quick, non-bureaucratic decision
  • an all-in fee enables more effective cost control
  • comprehensive, hassle-free package including responsibility for the entire process of receivables management and protection against payment default
  • contact person from the A.B.S. team


quickfactoring is a financing solution specially developed by us for small enterprises that can be effectively and quickly implemented. We will be happy to discuss your particular needs.
Marc Meier
CEO A.B.S. Factoring AG

Who qualifies for quickfactoring?

In principle factoring is suitable for any business selling goods or services to commercial customers. This means that virtually any enterprise is eligible for factoring, although suitability must be examined on an individual basis. Basic factors involved in any assessment include the nature of the receivables (whether they are undisputed and the deliveries/services have been rendered in full) and a good customer credit rating.

Receivables in relation to contracts awarded for public works (VOB) and receivables from individuals (B2C) are not eligible for factoring.

quickfactoring is specially tailored to small enterprises with an annual turnover of up to CHF 1 million.


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