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Factoring finances growth: Fast liquidity without the risk

SME form the backbone of the Swiss economy. In the course of globalisation, they too need to face up to global competition to succeed on international markets. Continual growth by moving into new markets at home and abroad is a proven recipe for success. For many, however, such plans are inhibited by a lack of liquidity, which puts expansion plans prematurely on ice.
To achieve healthy growth in the long term, a sophisticated expansion strategy must be accompanied by intelligent financing. This is where our bank-independent solution comes in: by enabling customers to generate liquidity from their outstanding receivables, A.B.S. Factoring relieves the pressure on labour-intensive areas and increases entrepreneurial leeway.

With A.B.S. Factoring, you reduce the capital you’ve got tied up among your customers and receive enough working capital to tackle the next stages of the growth process.

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Factoring as financing that expands alongside sales

Factoring promises customers ongoing liquidity that expands flexibly in tandem with the success of their company. In factoring, A.B.S. Factoring AG buys the receivables from outstanding invoices for completed orders – and pay them within 24 hours. Full-service factoring from A.B.S. also delivers comprehensive cover for bad debt losses at home and abroad; plus we undertake debtor management for the invoices signed over to us. By performing these services on our customers’ behalf, we enable them to focus fully on growth opportunities for their business. By granting longer payment terms while availing of supplier discounts and rebates, they also become more competitive.
Factoring can be utilised as an alternative source of financing, or alongside lines of credit from a bank.

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Customer-focused SME specialist in financing growth

From our own experience, we are well aware of the specific requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. We analyse every financing situation in detail and focus on the specific circumstances of each company. Our organisational structure enables us to respond with greater speed and flexibility than many of our competitors. We enjoy trust-based relationships with our customers by working together as partners at eye level.
Around 100 small and medium-sized businesses have been relying on our services for years. The majority of our clients are active in the trade, industry and service sectors. Financial flexibility enables them to consolidate their roles as drivers of growth and important employers.

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The four critical growth advantages of factoring

1. Instant liquidity

As we provide you with the equivalent value of your invoices within 24 hours, our proven purchasing system gives you instant liquidity. This means you can plan your own payment obligations better while taking advantage of discounts and rebates on the purchasing side. This not only improves your reputation in the eyes of suppliers, but enhances your creditworthiness and rating with banks. Costly liabilities can be reduced while high account interest is avoided.

2. All-round security

Where one of your customers is unable to pay his invoices, we take over the associated payment loss by assuming a del credere position. This gives you comprehensive cover for losses on transactions both at home and abroad: non-payment risks that are difficult to estimate become a thing of the past.

3. Greater competitiveness

Factoring gives you a competitive edge and makes it easier for you to take advantage of growth potential without relying on bank loans. Being in a position to plan liquidity means you can adapt to market fluctuations more effectively; flexible liquidity allows you to seize growth opportunities more easily. By offering your customers longer payment terms as well as discounts and reductions, you also become more competitive against other market players.

4. Focusing on core business

The full service we offer takes the pressure off your internal departments, from accounting to management. In addition to the default risk, we also take over your complete accounts receivables management. Our service includes the booking of incoming payments, dunning and even debt collection (by agreement) – and we keep you abreast of developments with daily statements and regular reports. You can even view the maturity profile and activities in real time via an online portal.
By removing these tasks from your day-to-day business, you can focus on core business, develop your company and keep on growing.

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