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A.B.S. full-service factoring – instant liquidity thanks to factorisation

Are you looking for liquidity for future growth or for opportunities to finance your expansion into foreign markets? But you find that you can’t really take action due to your customers’ poor payment habits? This is exactly where A.B.S. Factoring, our bank-independent financing solution, comes in: With our full-service factoring, you receive liquidity from your outstanding receivables within 24 hours. Our additional services also reduce your risks and relieve the strain on internal company resources in labour-intensive areas.

Financing that grows with your company to create corporate growth

If you’ve transferred your outstanding receivables to us, you’ll receive 90% of the invoice amount within one working day. Your ability to take action and plan from a financial perspective no longer depends on your customers’ payment behaviour. The amounts owed from your outstanding receivables are instantly available to you as working capital and can be used to cover current costs or forward-looking investments.
Financing using A.B.S. Full-Service Factoring offers an attractive alternative to taking out a loan from a bank in the long term. Our financing solution aims at establishing a long-term cooperative relationship and grows congruently with your company’s turnover. The more invoices you send us, the more liquidity we’ll make available to you.

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Instant liquidity in 4 steps:
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1. Is your liquidity feeling the pinch – your customers have poor payment habits or credit lines are insufficient?

2. Request a customised quote and receive a tailor-made financing solution.

3. You assign your receivables to A.B.S. Factoring AG on an ongoing basis. We’ll instantly transfer to you the invoiced amount: 90% within 24 hours, and the remaining 10% following receipt of payment from your customers. We retain the remaining 10% for any invoice deductions until payment has been made by your customer.

4. Your liquidity is restored. The associated costs are fully or partly offset by the advantages of factoring.

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